July 4, 2015

IF YOU ARE INTO DRUGS AND PROCEDURES… Allopathic Medicine IS the Answer For You!

“I Need Help, So What about Allopathic Medicine?”

Are you asking me, “I don’t have the time or energy to improve my health correctly, safely and/or effectively, so are drugs and procedures really that bad?”

Okay, okay, this question is a tad bit “tongue in cheek” but I am trying to make a point here. Plus, lets be clear, as obnoxious as that question is, the truth is, the majority of America views drugs and procedures not only a viable option for Healthcare, but a preferred one!

But to answer your question, “YES, they are!”

They ARE really that bad!

How in the world have drugs and procedures become anyone’s primary focus on improving their health?

allopathic medicinePractically everyone is expecting a pill now when they go to their primary physician.  (Plus, they are scared to death when they are told by their physician that they can get off of them)

But why?

The majority of medicine being practiced in the United States today is considered Allopathic Medicine, versus that of Complementary or Alternative Medicine.

Allopathic medicine does not improve our health by curing the cause, Allopathic Medicine treats the symptoms.  AND there is TONS of money in it!  Think about it… people never get better.  Though they may have less symptoms, they MUST stay on their medications because they still have the disease.  Talk about a sustainable industry (Big Pharma knows what they are doing)!  :(


Listen, if we would just take a small percentage of the money and time spent on treatment in this country, and then focus it on prevention, we would ALL be in a better place; ALL OF US.

The truth is, around 75% of human life should be living free of disease. Yes, it is true, we don’t have to be suffering from Chronic or Degenerative Diseases. Genetic Diseases make up the MINORITY of the diseases in this country as Lifestyle Diseases clearly make up the MAJORITY.

So, why are we NOT living free of disease? I think the major reason is because our focus in the United States is on the “Magic Bullet,” NOT “prevention” or even a “steady dose of self-discipline.”For example; if you want to make lots of money in the health and fitness industry you do one, or a combination of, the following things:

1) Sell programs promising unreachable results with outrageous statements
2) Sell result-oriented supplements guaranteeing unbelievable results
3) Sell infomercial products promising drastic results in a very short period of time

Most people don’t have enough time or energy to improve their health because they don’t value their health as much as they think they do and/or they are still waiting for the “easy way out” with the introduction of a “magic bullet” into their lives.  This is really unfortunate!

My recommendation is to reassess what is really important in your life and re-prioritize your health as I can tell you; the healthy, non-risk magic bullet everybody is waiting for is not coming in your, or my, lifetime!

Any questions or comments on “Allopathic Medicine”?

Kevin McCauley (The Healthy Omnivore), is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach that prioritizes attaining optimal health with real proactive health care.  Kevin is the sole operator of the “SELF HEALTH CARE CLUB,” an online Health Care Solutions site that enables people to work with their own Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach to attain their personal health and fitness goals.   If you would like to Feel Great, Look Amazing and even Live Longer… look no further!  The Healthy Omnivore has numerous affordable options for you to attain optimal health at the Self Health Care Club.

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I am a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, as well as the owner/operator of a Nutrition And Exercise Curation Blog and an Attaining Optimal Health Membership Site. I am passionate about not only helping people be proactive with their health but also, attaining the finest health possible; minus the drugs and procedures. For more information on working with your very own affordable health and fitness professional: THE GET HEALTHY CLUB


  1. Crazy to think about, but if I live another 50 years into my 80’s, i’m guessing it will be pretty interesting to see exactly how the healthcare system is working at that time. Who knows what the magic or bullets will look like then. That’s probably the 15 trillion dollar question right?


    Kevin Reply:

    Great comment! I thought of this quote: “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”-Thomas Edison. I imagine we can agree that won’t be happening.


  2. It’s pretty ridiculous how doctors these days are often so quick to send their patient off with a brand new prescription or referral to get some super expensive diagnostic tests or treatments without questioning at all the patient as as to “why” they may have the specific symptoms that are present. It blows my mind. and it happens all the time?


    Kevin Reply:

    Adam » Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. I was hoping for a movement towards a more balanced approach to health care in the United States. One that would be more proactive and focus on prevention and complementary care. Unfortunately, I believe we may be undone by the infamous “Magic Bullet” medical era. Which is probably closer to a “bullet” than “magic.”


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